Classic Man


What is the real definition of a “Classic Man”? I ask myself this from time; especially when thinking about the current state of society compared to my parents and grandparent's generation. Growing up in the 90s to me was a color enthusiast’s dream. Seeing all the colorful clothing, geometric shapes, and patterns are both stimulating and inspiring to many artists. The 90s were definitely a time to dare to be different and standout; letting your fashion speak for you. The mixing and matching of patterns and shapes could allow someone to evoke a powerful statement or give them refined poise.

Now, going back to the original question at hand, "What is the real definition of a 'Classic Man?'"

To me, he is a man that knows himself and the image that he wants to put out into society. A man that is both poised and well kept, but also presents a sense of security and openness. His presence owns any room he steps into without him speaking a word. He is a man of all men- a father, son, brother, an uncle to many and welcomes that title with ease. A man who wears many hats and always stays true to who he is. Stepping with grace with his head held high; as if he is gliding on air and yet still has an aura of humility about him. His sense of Character is never questioned because ultimately his actions speak louder than his words.

These same qualities can be felt in the animal kingdom; especially with Orangutans. Just like the Classic Man, I spoke about they too possess poise and strength. Their presence can be felt by all and their vibrant reddish brown color thrives against the green forest background. It is undeniable that the Orangutan is one of the most sophisticated apes of the jungle- with their wide skillset and excellent use of critical thinking skills as it pertains to the survival of their species. With so many similarities it is only right that I find a way to seamlessly fuse these two influential representations of strength, power, and protection together.

By placing the orangutan in the center of the figures head and hair, I am able to give a visual placement of my interpretation of wisdom and thought; as well as; making it a secondary focal point to draw the viewers eye across the painting itself. Having both facial experiences mimic each other in an almost mirroring act; makes both images come alive even more in their own unique ways. The first image is the figure himself with his hand gently placed on the side of his face as if he is taking a moment to analyze a situation before taking action. His face pointed forward, posture upright and yet still relaxed and calm; representing the outer physical emotions. While his orangutan counterpart residing above him is angled ever so slightly with low eyes and facial expression of both concern and stern observation; representing the inner emotions of a “Classic Man”.

With these two individually strong represented images combined together, I have formulated my own idea of a “Classic Man”. The representation and imagery speak for themselves separately as much as they do together as one image with a modern timeless twist. Within the first few minutes of grasping the audience's attention, I want to share a moment of passion, security, and strength. I want to have a connection not only with my painting but also the viewer as he/she looks upon my painting.

Kiarra ElliottComment