Paint Strokes & Wooden Panels


Paint strokes and wooden panels… even from the title, I hope you can gauge what this posting will be about. Nonetheless, let’s dive straight into things.

In my artistic journey during my early teenage years I was first drawn to chalk; because of its light and easy to blend naturally. Chalk was both a resource that is easily accessible and affordable. And of course, as a young artist in the making chalk is usually one of the first materials given to draw with and explore that creative side. Although as a temporary tool I often ended up with more mess than artwork. Combined with the fact that my masterpiece(s) could be washed away within seconds gave me a change of heart over time. Growing more resistant to the idea of spending so much time creating for it to be whipped away in seconds.

Fast forwarding to my high school and college my love for color grew stronger but my resources changed. Instead of using soft and messy materials such as chalk, I switched to a more compact material like Prisma color pencils and paint. Just like life as I switched materials I also needed to learn and understand the new ways it can be applied. Removing the messy dust ways meant that I could focus more on the detail of my creations. Taking more ownership of what I was creating vs letting things flow in any direction the chalk may present itself. In gaining more control I also gained more direction in what and how I wanted to create. This opened new doors for me to expand what the status quo of art making meant. I could now try new surfaces; such as wood and fabric. It was in this very moment another spark was made between my paint brush and wood!

You might ask why I chose wood instead of the traditional canvas surface. My reasoning comes from my love for the organic richness of a simple natural foundation. There is something special in the moment I share between my paint brush as it glides across a fresh wood panel piece. A chemical and organic connection between two foreign materials coming together to create something new and bold. In my mind’s eye, I can see the genetic connection of color, oil, wood, and motion. It’s like a beautiful symphony planning at the opera right when all the instruments align in harmony. The strokes of a paintbrush against the wood lay down the foundation of my artist home. Wood is one of the most important organic material that can be found and turned into so many different things. From providing a surface to create to providing a home to keep you safe. It is in this organic nature that I find most inspirational. Turning my creations into the organic inspiration that can fit into any type of decor and home.

This organic and chemical symphony has captured my artist's heart and thus far has given me the ability to create limitlessly; expressing myself more creatively and uniquely. My best work has yet to come, so stay tuned to what new creations I harmonize with the strokes of my paintbrush against wooden panels!

Kiarra ElliottComment