I always find that the most beautiful things are those that leave you in wonder and awe. I find some sort of peace in the whirlwind of thoughts and visual interpretations. Although in that same light the very thing that captures my attention also can bring some unsettling feelings along with it. The feeling of fear of the unknown and unsettling understanding of what really is, is conveyed behind the curved lines and vibrant colors. This utterly bewildered feeling was the same thing that kept me wondering how I was going to approach such a painting. What type of message did I want her to portray and ultimately what type of feelings did I want to invoke? I had previously embarked on this journey a few years ago and found myself filled with fear. Art has always been my outlet to paint my emotions and help gather my thoughts, but even at that time I still found myself more overwhelmed. So like many pieces in my artist archive, I had to walk away and give myself space. Fast forward to today I am able to approach this image with a new state of mind. "Mystify" is my reflection painting; once filling me with questions now gives me pride in conquering my fears and facing my own truth as an artist.

Kiarra ElliottComment