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Started in 2013 as a way to introduce my own unique style of art to the world.  I consider myself a eco-conscious visual artist creating unique pieces of artwork that both inspires others and captures the elegant moments in life; portraying beauty and strength. I am inspired by nature and life fusing the human, animal and organic plant form to make up a one of a kind portrait. Afrocentric Keyy is the bridging of metaphorical and physical meaning of beauty in art; I am Afrocentric Keyy.

The Mind of KEYY

As a artist I share a personal connection with my artwork. I want to present a sensation of familiarity and depth to each image. Looking beyond the surface to see the underlines narrative thru brush strokes and colored oil.



Each brush stroke reveals a story just waiting to be told, using oil paint as its ink and organic wood as its paper.

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Prints & Decor

Bringing paint strokes to life and add a piece of Afrocentric Keyy to your everyday activites!


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I AM AFROCENTRIC KEYY. Here to produce meaningful works of art that start a conversation and bring visual stimulation of the mind, heart and body.